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the brethren ac2 starter page

the brethren is alive and well on ac2 thistledown

bulletpapa acex is now Elite, a tonk melee/healer
bulletthe brethren AC2 forum

what's an ATTACK FACTOR?

skill exp curve excel or rich html or static html

bullet02/12/03 - lots of new data from various sorces
bullet01/29/03 - added calm vitae data
bullet01/23/03 - added a lot of data from hiro yamada and consolidated
bulleti untrained one skill (acumen) and then immediately retrained it and raised it 37 points.
bulletit seems to be a simple log curve ... with two major discontinuities at +23 and +33
bulletit definitely is NOT the only skill exp curve
bulletanyone good at curve fitting (or a matlab wiz) who wants to take a stab at expressing these curves numerically?

tonk healer analysis excel or html

bulletUPDATE (2/03)
bulletas suspected, esprit effects are slightly lower at higher levels
bulletUPDATE (01/06)
bulletrefined the rest zone formula to fit the observed data at higher skill levels. new formula is thought to be:
    amt healed = 6.4 * skill + 29
bulletUPDATE (12/10)
bulleti untrained life boon, then retrained it and recorded the results at the lower extreme -- the health return is linear from skill 2 through skill 28 ( amt healed = 11 * skill + 49 ), eliminating one alternate hypothesis of non-linearity and the extremes (at least on the lower bound). furthermore, the vigor cost is constant across that full range (base vigor cost of LB is always 340).
bulletQuick summary:
bulletCasting Cost = base vigor cost + drum vigor cost - esprit reduction
bulletROUGH ROUGH ROUGH WAG to a formula breakdown
spell base vigor formula
Esprit   vigor reduction = 5 (L1) 50 (L50)
Heal 100 amt healed: 5 * skill + 11
Healing Balm 220 amt healed: 22/3 * skill + 97/3
Rest. Zone 400 amt healed: 6.4 * skill + 29
Life Boon 340 amt healed: 11 * skill + 49
Revitalize 160 vigor returned: 8.14 * skill + 192
Harm 26?  
Lightning 50  
Charged Air 150  
Eye of Storm 80  
Thunder Clap 110  
Rotten Core 400  
Tangleweed 460  

di'spressa L49 mage/healer on thistledown
necrotic L43 mage/elementalist on thistledown

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