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a WoW UI mod that display windfury stats

is windfury proc rate dependent upon weapon speed?
please gather more data and email to me for data collation

download latest (ver 0.10): msi zip raw

release 0.10 (5/16/05)

bulletadded new "synthetic dps" support display
bullet"synthetic dps" is a calculated dps based on measured data
bulletaverage dmg/hit for norm/norm, norm/crit, WF/norm, WF/crit)
bullethit %, crit %, WF proc rate


bulletthe FIRST hit on a new enemy is sometimes incorrectly processed
bulletfor some reason i still can't find (likely mis-ordered server events), the first hit on a new opponent is occasionally mistallied. this is not consistent -- it happens rarely
bulletrepercussions (when this bug occurs):
bulletthe first hit is sometimes not tallied
bulletsome statistics (especially measured weapon speed) are measured incorrectly
bulletif the first hit is a WFproc, the hit is tallies as a normal hit

release notes

bulleta subsequent WF proc is defined as all WF procs on the same mob except the first one
bulletthe subsequent WF interval would be the time between WF procs. hopefully we can gather enough data to prove or disprove the existence of
bullet(a) WFs that proc off another WF
bullet(b) the existence and magnitude of a lower bound on WF B2B intervals
bulletthe determination of a subsequent WF is quite simple, but might not be comprehensive - i sink PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED, PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED, PLAYER_LEAVE_COMBAT to determine if combat has somehow terminated. if so terminated, the WF proc counter on the existing opponent is reset to 0
bulletthe determination of a WF proc was done through sinking CHAT_MSG_SPELL_SELF_BUFF and grep for the wonderful "You gain 2 extra attacks through Windfury Attack." string.
bulletthe determination of WF expiration is through sinking CHAT_MSG_SPELL_AURA_GONE_SELF and grep for  "Windfury Attack fades from you."
bulletSwings and Hits are tallied for normal melee attacks -- i.e. these tallies do not include any windfury attacks
bulletin theory, WF Proc rate should approach the stated value (20% excluding any talents). however, this model does not attempt to track the corner case where a hit becomes fatal (but might have triggered a WF proc on a live target)

revision history

version dl links significant details
v0.10: 5/16/05 msi zip
bullet0.10 - Added swing/crit info
bulletnew "synthetic dps" display
v0.8: 4/7/05 msi zip
bulletauto disable for non-shaman players
bulletnew display: seconds/swing (normal melee attacks) for this enemy
bulletnew display: WFs that proc on this enemy
v0.7: 4/1/05 msi zip
bulletupdated for WoW client 1.3.1
bulletchanged Sea dependency to optional
bulletlots of code cleanup - scoped most objects to be local
v0.6: 3/14/05 msi zip
bullettracks WF buff status - only collects data when WF buff is active
bulletseparate data records for each unique weapon name
bulletpersisted data records across sessions
v0.5: 3/08/05 msi zip
bulletdetects and displays current weapon
bulletdata reset upon weapon swap
v0.4: 2/28/05 msi zip
bulletadded data panel showing swings between WF procs
bulletdistribution zip file now contains raw files instead of .msi package
v0.3: 2/23/05 msi zip
bulletrenamed WF B2B as Subsequent WF to avoid confusion
bulletsuppressed "WF Attack #nn???" spam
bulletclears shortest value upon reset
v0.2: 2/23/05 msi zip
bulletfixed error with inversion of swing and hit data
v0.1: 2/22/05 msi zip
bulletinitial release

   future plans

bulleti'm strongly considering tracking hit/crit values and magnitude for all attacks. with this data, we can fashion a synthetic dps for the current weapon based on real data
bulletconvert this to a general-purpose weapon buff tracker

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Last updated: June 19, 2006.