archived news


bulletlots of new xp data ... lots of new contributors


bulletesprit data at 42-43
bulletmore skill curve data


bulleta first stab at plotting an ac2 skill curve


bulletnew brethren forums 
bulletupdated formula for restorative zone:
    amt healed = 6.4 * skill + 29

6-dec-02 some AC2 stuff

bulletthe brethren ac2 starter page
bulletpreliminary analysis of tonk mage/healer formula

19-nov-02 AR vs. CS bows -- which is better? excel source

16-oct-02 gaerlan redux - a summary of changes to the Gaerlan Quest

26-aug a tearful analysis

23-july updated bow damage calculator 

bullet29 july: added 120% bow and xbow page
bulletrequires excel for interactive features. static bow damage table is here
bulletadds perfect shimmering isparian, +130 bows and tinkering mods
bulletremoves the effectively obsolete bows (almost all others)

22-july-02 not much happening. i must say that i fear that the latest patch has sounded the death knell for AC

20 july-02 added wudan's excellent (in progress) guide to starter towns ... with a decidedly archer/darktide slant 

di: L126 life archer acstats treestats
di'spressa: L50 mage/healer
necrotic: L45 mage/elementalist

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