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the brethren

now recruiting levels 5-60!
please see our recruiting forum

the brethren is a unique asheron's call  monarchy under the wise tutelage of acex, our fearless leader. we're a traditional monarchy with a strong community, experienced questing and a productive exp chain, yet we consider all that secondary to maintaining our reputation as reputable leaders of the thistledown community. no griefing, combat macros or d00dz are tolerated.

links and news ...

bulletTusker Temple?
bulletDi's secondary portal now summons to tusker temple
bullet40+ to enter
bulletSee acvault thread here discussion route to idol (which gets you to Aphus Lassel)
bulletMap of Aphus Lassel
bulletUpcoming quest schedule
bulletdevastator tusk
bulletmon 01/06 11:00 EDT
bullettues 01/07. 9:30pm EDT
bulletTO BE RESCHEDULED -- zedjin having comp problems
bulletgaerlan 80+
bulletwed 01/08. 9:30 pm EDT
bulletmeet at mansion
bulletzachard to lead
bulletobsidian plains sweep
bulletsun 01/12. 8:30pm EDT
bulletThe Iron Coast - november patch
bullethoneycomb quest
bulletnew monarchy boards
bulletAC2 beta monarchy board
bulletxp chain boards
bulletxp chain mechanics
bulletNEW recruitment page NEW
bulletfree allegiance services
bulletbuff bot
bulletelixer trade bot: KHound (in the hub) is free to monarchy members (non-members are charged an M note for 50 trade health elixers)



bulletrecent pix:

congrats alonya and thomson!


the boss meets reality


the boss hits 126


gunfight @ the pk corral


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Last updated: June 19, 2006.