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first time faq: page 01
updated 01/28/2004 09:51
rev 0.8

  1. beta 1 details
    1. schedule
      1. we are now in beta 1. this is still relatively early in the development cycle.
      2. one current testing goal is to get a large (5K +), dispersed load on the servers to see how they perform
      3. beta 1 is scheduled to end on 1/31/04
      4. after beta 1, testing team will be scaled down to a very small number (500 testers) as the devs implement much of the feedback from the testers.
        why, oh why?
        "We must scale down after Beta 1. There is no way that we can keep up the current work level, doing fast development, community support, and in-game story all at the same time. The time between Beta 1 and 2 will also be quite different: We will not be able to respond to questions in a timely manner, there will be no story line, there might be many more bugs than now (introduced by testing completely new features), there will be database wipes very often, and the server will be down for long periods of time. This is not an environment suitable for a very large beta test population."
        -- marc laukien, wish master (founder & president of mutable realms)
      5. beta 2 is scheduled for summer '04. all beta 1 testers will be re-invited for beta 2.
      6. final launch is Q4 '04, so there's a lot of time to add/change/evolve
    2. events
      1. we are in the midst of a beta 1 event
      2. to participate, seek out the leader of one of these four towns: flatshead, forts of cypress, barleydale, harborview
    3. download issues
      1. on 1/14/04, (outsourced) download feed was temporarily stopped due to the massive activity. this situation has been rectified.
      2. currently investigating alternate distribution methods (like bittorrent)
  2. interface issues
    1. the primary interface is point & click, not WASD keyboard
      1. there are significant technical reasons why this is done, most having to do with anticipated server loading and support for very large numbers of simultaneous users. imho, this is not about to change.
      2. this has been the subject of much debate. please visit the beta forums and examine some of the arguments. i believe that MR and themis have asked that you contribute to the existing threads dealing with this issue rather than start new ones
    2. keymap
      1. the keyboard is not remappable at this point. this feature is under development.
    3. names, [TAB] and picking
      1. Ctrl-N will toggle player name bubbles
      2. holding down [TAB] will display all players and MOBs,
      3. holding down [TAB] will also display the name bubble for the person/MOB/object under the cursor
      4. if you release [TAB] while over an object (see 2.3.3 above), you will have selected that object (without having to L-Click). this can be a boon for difficult to select objects
      5. holding down [TAB] is expensive -- you may experience reduced framerates
      6. if you cannot select things with L-Click (or continually wind up selecting the wrong items), your graphics card may be incompatible with with. see graphics
  3. death
    1. what happens when i die?
      1. you lose everything
      2. you can release from your corpse (type /release) and you will reappear at your bind point with starter gear
      3. starter gear cannot be sold
    2. my corpse?
      1. corpses are left on the ground for 6 ingame hours (they do not decay when you are offline)
      2. run to your corpse
      3. corpses are not lootable by anyone else
      4. if they decay, all items are placed on the ground for anyone to snag
      5. there is no "corpse autofinder beacon"
    3. resurrection
      1. a cleric may cast a resurrect spell on you if you have NOT released from your corpse. you will then be reanimated (wearing all your gear, with full health) at the location where you died
      2. a mage may case a corpsecall spell after you have released. this may be done from quite a large distance away. your corpse will be teleported to a location adjacent to the caster. note: previous build have a bug where you needed to exit & re-enter wish to view your corpse
    4. binding
      1. when you enter the world, your bind point
  4. some things not yet implemented
    1. coming ... but not here yet
      1. rogues. essentially, they are just weak warriors: rogue skills are not implemented atm.
        1. rogues will have 2 primary and 1 secondary lock for rogue skills
        2. rogue skill are: lock pick, poisoning, stealth, theft, trap setting
      2. bows & ranged weapons
      3. large weapons (polearms, claymores, etc ...)
      4. dual wielding (right now, second weapon does bupkes)
      5. pets - right now, anyone can tame war dogs as pets (up to 3 pets) and give them simple commands. note that this is just a placeholder for a more comprehensive taming and mage/cleric pet (familiar) system under development.
      6. more character customization options
      7. more races & race specific modifiers
      8. crafting
      9. meaningful MOB AI
      10. steeds, boats, alternate forms of transportation
      11. title selection / assignment
      12. a variety of weather effects
      13. more world -- the beta comprises less than 10% of the planned world
      14. special melee attack moves
      15. transparency settings for windows
      16. the newbie experience -- tutorial/tip system for new players
    2. things that will likely never be implemented
      1. WASD movement
      2. detailed stats: things like exact weapon damage. some 'fog of war' seems rather dear to our devs.

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