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dhelp: more help for wish

a third-party add-on help system for wish
download latest version 1.2

UPDATE 1.2 RELEASED (1/26/04) ... more maps!


wish has a very nice html-based help system. so ... let's extend it!
it all started for a way to see an in-game map of thainesford and grew from there, thus dhelp was created.


i asked around to see what was MR's reaction to add-ins and received no definite response, so i decided to distribute this and see. please be aware that this all disappears instantly if i get any negative reactions from MR ... it is not my intent to do anything of which they disapprove.

there was one concern from marc & matthew at MR (hmmm  marc & matthew, the m&m boys? i like that!) -- that any help additions will get wiped out each update. and so they will -- after each update you'll have to reinstall dhelp from the zipfile until i get time to write a better install tool.


i noticed that quite a few help pages were written by MR but unlinked from the main help page. many more were listed but never created. i am presuming it's just lack of cycles that prevents MR from editing/correcting/generating the necessary content (you mean the documentation slips if the code is not complete? inconceivable!)

at first, i wanted to replace the whole thing completely, but decided that was unwise. then i extended/linked their main help page ... but decided that was also unwise. so i would up adding a single "more help" from the main page. everything i added is linked from that more help page.

there are a half dozen newbie pages, four maps, and a few other pages with things like attribute dependencies, MOB color charts, etc ... just some references that i thought were useful. if anyone finds this useful, i'll keep add more content as days go by.


  1. download: dhelp 1.2: download here
  2. backup: backup your old help root file!!
    bullet{$PROGRAM FILES}\wish\Client\data\help\index.html
  3. install: unroll the zip to {$PROGRAM FILES}\wish\Client\data\help
    bulletyou are creating a subdirectory called dhelp under the wish\Client\data\help directory
  4. copy new help root: copy the index.html file from
    note that this will overwrite the distribution index.html file THAT YOU JUST BACKED UP


bulleti'll continue to add more help pages as more data gets disseminated. please direct errors and new page requests to [email protected]
bulleti know the install is a little clunky ... if i have time (and perhaps with a little blessing from MR) i extend the installer to:
bulletdetect the wish install directory and automatically install there
bulletbackup the previous index.html file
bulletput an file system event bug on the dhelp directory ... so if/when it gets nuked, it can recreate itself
bulletput another bug on index.html ... so if/when it gets overwritten by an update, dhelp can automatically reinstall my version. or even better, do a read/modify/write and just insert the single link to new content.


bulleti freely borrowed from a lot of folks: virgil, aieidil, xavori, mendoza, rayalton, the m&m boys, the participants on the with beta board ... and many more.


Leader: Team Katana
di: elf/cleric
Necrotic: cyclops/warrior

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Last updated: June 19, 2006.