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tour '04

jan 04 '04 wish event ... load testing, mass movement and parts unknown

first and foremost, i am most certainly not a photographer (virtual or otherwise). you have been warned! anyhow, some of the more whimsical and unusual parts of the tour. unfortunately, i did not get many screenshots of the most scenic parts of the tour. i ... um ... i was out of film. yeah, that's the ticket. each picture is linked to the raw 1600x1200 screen shot.

stone ring heat

a frumious beast ...

chez baba yaga ... without the shmaltz

oh nooooo. we're literally off the map

anyone for a swim?

we ventured way out there into an undeveloped part of the world. one theory was that the server thought we were all underwater ... and the clipping plane (with the camera way back) seems to support that idea


landslide & his hygiene issues

this is what happens when everyone does a /follow landslide


definitely the middle of nowhere

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